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AGT Hamdani Salt Factory

In AGT Hamdani Salt Factory makes natural salt products from Himalayan rock salt so that we can get rid the world of artificial products. Hamdani Salt Factory has been established since 1990 in Quaidabad, Punjab, Pakistan with Warcha Salt Mines of the Himalayan Salt Range. We specialize in handicrafts made from Pink Himalayan Salt , Black Salt for the best flavor, Natural Iodized Salt full of healthy minerals and Salt to eat. We offer a wide range of natural salt products from the Himalayan mountains, fancy salt lamps for decorating, licking salt for animal licking, salt therapy for respiratory patients and bath salt, salt tiles for cooking plate & spa sauna construction.


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We have been involved in the production of Natural Edible Pink Rock Salt since 1990.
The greatest advantages of our products are of high quality and a broad selection of Rock Salt Raw Material from Salt Mines. We try to be flexible and adjust to our clients' needs; we cooperate with Exporters, wholesale buyers, retail shops, and individual clients.

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