AGT Hamdani Salt Factory

About Us

In AGT Hamdani Salt Factory makes natural salt products from Himalayan rock salt so that we can rid the world of artificial products. Hamdani Salt Factory has been established since 1990 in Quaidabad, Punjab, Pakistan with Warcha Salt Mines of the Himalayan Salt Range. We specialize in handicrafts made from Pink Himalayan Salt , Black Salt for the best flavor, Natural Iodized Salt full of healthy minerals and Salt to eat. We offer a wide range of natural salt products from the Himalayan mountains, fancy salt lamps for decorating, licking salt for animal licking, salt therapy for respiratory patients and bath salt, salt tiles for cooking plate & spa sauna construction.
We have introduced Himalayan Rock Salt in every continent of the world, our exports have spread to USA, South American countries, Canada, European countries, Australia and most of Asia, meeting the needs of our customers. ۔ We have won the Best Exporter award many times which shows the trust of the consumer in us.
Combined with excellent management, abundant manpower, and machining capabilities, we have been able to meet the rapidly growing needs of a wide range of high-quality, high-quality products in a variety of markets.
Over the years, the company has been continuously improving its technical capabilities and customer service capabilities, making us the preferred supplier for many customers.
While we are serving the people in the world by delivering natural salt, we have set up schools for the education of kids of employees and the betterment of economic conditions and best training of the kids of employees are also considered. We focus on achieving goals and advancing new ones as we progress. In the future, we hope to enjoy your continued support and feedback so we can reach new heights.

How Hamdani Salt Factory was born?

My dearest father Shah Mehboob Ul Arfeen (RA) and my elder brother Peer Mehdi Shah Hamdani saw that our area has a precious hidden treasure, and this treasure has not gained the status which it has, and bad luck it is unknown to many people. Yes, I am talking about The Pink Himalayan Rock Salt which was discovered in 400 BC by Alexander the Great. After British Rule, Government ignored this precious gift of Nature, and also because of the shortage of resources, its manufacturing and processing were delayed in this area. At that time in 1990, Hamdani Salt factory was established by my father and brother as a family enterprise and one of the first Salt Factories at Warcha Salt Mine Road Quaidabad. Hamdani Salt factory has been working for 30 years and our family has played a vital role in development of this area as well as the human resource.

In 2003, I took responsibility in Hamdani Salt Factory as CEO, after completing my Graduation in Law from Islamabad. The factory witnessed many dynamic changes in the infrastructure and decided to become a global supplier of Himalayan Pink Salt after experiencing a decade of local supplies across Pakistan. Hamdani family well supported me for this purpose, making it possible to be become one of the first exporters for Pink Salt products. This privilege enabled us to become pioneer and inventor of many Himalayan Salt HandyCrafts. We had a pivotal role in introducing the the benefits of warming natural Himalayan salt, as well as introducing the beauty of a glowing salt lamp. We introduced the slogan “Purify the World with Natural Alternatives” to the world. We have been serving in health departments, gyms, spas, sauna, construction companies and Salt Rooms for salt therapy.
We also made its international brand and provide Himalayan Pink Salt to the people of all over the world. We launched a new plant for International customers and produce International Standard products like in Edible category Pink Himalayan Salt, White Himalayan Salt and many more with customer demand.

Best Exporter Awards

Within 5 years of inception of our export activities, we had the honor of achieving best exporter awards. Today we have dozens of customers all across the globe from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Gulf, Australia and Asia.

Future Goals

Our most eminent goal is to maintain our position among the top exporters of Himalayan salt products in Pakistan, together with a constant growth in infrastructure, human resource and technologies to innovate and produce better Pink Salt products in Pakistan for a global market.

Our Social Responsibility

Hamdani family has been involved in variety of social works in Quaidabad, Warcha and surrounding areas for decades. Apart from providing direct employment to 100+ workers in AGT Hamdani Salt factory, our family is playing a vital role in education for poor children in form of construction and management of schools and colleges in local region.
Our factory operations are based on good and environmental friendly practices, struggling to minimize salt and packing material wastage and protection the environment. Our factory specially focus on human resource and labor development and training.